June 2nd – June 5th  – 30 CE Credits AGD PACE Program

For registration contact: Terri Barker – Tel: 908 527 8880 – email:
Course Fees: $3750 – includes all materials, work-ups, scans, instrumentation and in-house hospitality

Course Director: Shankar Iyer DDS, MDS, Clinical Asst Professor, Rutgers SDM


Course Objectives:
To review surgical and regional anatomy of the oro facial region pertinent to implant dentistry.
• To teach lateral approach sinus grafting procedures with simple and predictable instrumentation.
• Utilization of grafts and techniques to get a compact fill will be reviewed.
• The use of membranes to manage perforations will be taught.
• Placement of implants in edentulous areas of the maxilla and mandible.
• Management of atrophy through ridge expansion will be taught.
• To teach horizontal augmentation with allogenic blocks.
• Immediate placement of dental implants after extraction.
• Socket grafting procedures with membranes.
• Train participants to harvest connective tissue grafts and free gingival grafts.
• Soft tissue augmentation with acellular dermis.

Sinus Lift, Block Grafts, Ridge Expansion , Immediate placement,
socket preservation techniques, soft tissue grafting

Course Outline :
At the end of the course the participants will be able to:
• Review cone beams and correlate anatomical structures prior to surgery
• Perform lateral approach sinus grafts with rotary instrumentation, piezo surgery and lateral approach
• Crestal approaches for sinus augmentation with ossteotomes and rotary instrumentation.
• Repair sinus perforations with membrane.
• Get predictable height and fill with sinus graft.
• Place implants through ridge expansion and bone manipulation.
• Prepare receptor sites and affix allogenic blocks in atrophic areas to gain horizontal width.
• Learn soft tissue manipulation to obtain closure and manage muco gingival defects.
• Perform immediate implant placement after extracting teeth atraumatically.
• Obtain sub epithelial connective tissue grafts and harvest free gingival grafts for muco-gingival defects.
• Use tenting screws and membranes for vertical augmentation.