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Snap on Smile

Snap on Smile can get you your Smile back! Dentists are required more and more to introduce and adapt new technologies in the treatment of their patients. Snap on Smile is another one of those technologies that are now available to you. To describe what Snap on Smile is requires a bit of understanding from…

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A Dentist Looks at Lumineers

Lumineers can be an excellent solution Embarrassed to smile? That’s the biggest reason patients come into my office for cosmetic dentistry work. It is very common to have teeth that are cracked, uneven, crooked or badly stained. As a dentist, I am as concerned about the aesthetic aspects of my patient’s teeth as I am…

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Mini implants can be an excellent solution

Mini Dental Implants The development of dental implant technology has increased dramatically over the years. Today, there is an alternative to the dental implant known as mini implants. This procedure has many advantages over the traditional implant and can be used as anchors for full denture wearers. A mini implant procedure is very similar to…

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Denture Repair

Denture Repair from SmileUSA A denture can become a problem if it is cracked, broken, or one of the teeth becomes missing. Though it may seem like a minor problem, dentures left unrepaired can have a long term impact on your dental and overall health. There are many ways to fix a broken denture, so…

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Same Day Dentures

Introduction: Same Day Dentures Same day dentures is a dental procedure that allows you to have functional and usable dentures in a single day. The procedure is known by other names, such as “immediate dentures”, “Immediate Smiles” and “fixed hybrid dentures”. Though it seems unlikely such a procedure exists, modern technology and advances in dental…

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Prosthodontist A Specialist Skill

Prosthodontists – Who We Are and What We Do What is a Prosthodontist? Many dental patients see a variety of specialists such as oral surgeons and orthodontists for their complete dental care. However, there is a type of dentist who is specifically trained to rehabilitate any sort of missing structures in the mouth. That person…

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A True Success Story

From left: Preeti Iyer, DDS; Shankar Iyer, DDS, MDS; Chitra Sarvotam, DDS Focusing on complete mouth rehabilitation with surgical and prosthetic services, Dr. Shankar Iyer uses a patient care approach that maximizes efficiency with fewer appointments. “I concentrate on failure management, including restoration treatment for referral patients with adverse outcomes from prior implant and prosthetic…

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Dr. Iyer wins Award

Dr. Iyer receives prestigious Award! For the third year in a row Shankar Iyer DDS, MDS  was recognized by the Consumer’s Research Council of America as one of the top Dentists in America. Dr Iyer is a highly skilled Prosthodontist and globally recognized authority in dental implantology. He is on the  Board of  Directors of…

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Have you met Lissete yet?

Anyone visiting the dental offices of SmileUSA knows Lisette. She ensures that all patients have the best possible experience when coming in for their dental checkups. Lisette is responsible for all our patients scheduled appointments. She has been a member the dedicated team at SmileUSA for 10 years and our patients just love her. Give…

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Full Mouth Reconstruction

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction? There are a number of very diverse dental procedures used by many dentists all over the country. Thanks to advances in dental technology the full mouth reconstruction procedure can provide help for even the most complex dental issues. Basically, it is not a single procedure but most of the time…

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