Your dental/oral health is very important to your overall health and wellbeing

Our society as a whole has become more and more aware of how important good dental health is for our overall wellbeing.  The systemic impact of oral health has been the focus of much research and the results are quite compelling.

Scientists have long known the there is a direct connection between bad dental and oral health and a number of other health issues. Diabetes and low birth weight are believed to be linked to poor oral hygiene and health.  Furthermore, oral diseases might even be contributory factors for heart problems and stroke.

Our lifestyle and eating habits have changed dramatically and it is more important then ever before that practicing good dental is an automatic part of your healthy lifestyle, and that must include regular check up visits to a dentist.

Only a dentist has the expertise to examine your teeth and oral cavity and to identify potential problems and those which might exist already.

The problem of dental erosion

acid in fruit and drinks is your enemyDental erosion is now a serious problem partly caused by our choices what food we eat and what drinks we choose. Soft drinks and the increase in the consumption of the so called “sport energy drinks” which are extremely high in acid are contributing to dental erosion. There are a number of health issues such as general eating disorders or an over production of gastric acid which also play a part.  Iced tea, coke and caffeinated drinks have a high concentration of phosphoric acid that can erode teeth and cause sensitivity.

Our recommendation to reduce the risk of dental erosion

  • Find and select those soft drinks which don’t have high acid content
  • Be very aware that “fizzy” soft drinks contain a high level of acidreduce your intake of soft drinks drinks
  • Swallow soft drinks which have a high acid volume quickly
  • Do not keep acid rich drinks in your mouth for a long time so the contact with your teeth remains minimal.
  • Be careful when you eat citrus fruits and keep the contact of the fruits with your teeth as short as possible.
  • Brush your teeth after meals to wash away the sugars or acids contained in your food. Brushing your teeth after meals will also prevent little food particles being left between your teeth too long causing bad breath and dental problems.

You can do a great deal to safeguard your dental health, and by doing so you also ensure that the rest of your body stays healthy.

The SmileUsa dental health recommendations 

  1. You should schedule regular dental check up visits
  2. You should brush your teeth as often as possible at least after every meal
  3. You should aim for a good balanced daily diet
  4.  Please watch for the early signs of gum problems and also check for the signs of oral cancer
  5. You should stop smoking

If you would like to keep smiling visit SmileUsa

We tend to forget that our teeth and our mouth are important parts of our body. They are not isolated. For example; if teeth are not functioning they way they should we cannot eat and chew our food properly which in turn can and will ultimately cause other health problems.  Chew well, eat well, smile right and smile bright. Wishing you happy and healthy smiles.