Find Solutions for all your Dental Problem

  • I heard that they hurt a lot?

    Dental implants my sound invasive but the discomfort level is no more that a simple extraction. You will be able to talk to our hundreds of satisfied patients and discuss their experiences.  You will be surprised that dental implants are safe and efficacious that are not associated with any significant incapacitating side effects. Click Here to see what our patients have to say.

  • Are dental implants expensive?

    Dental Implants don’t have to be expensive.  We do not charge for products, our fees are very reasonable and we charge by the case.  We believe that implants are services that should be available to every one in need of a fixed replacement.  We work with you with several flexible options.  We want you to have the most comfortable experience with implants

  • I have dentures and I am looking for a permanent solution

    We will address the issues with your dentures first and determine if we can enhance the fit, comfort and esthetics of your dentures first.  This will the best step in providing you with some solutions that can eliminate the need to have a full palatal coverage and have pink unsightly flanges around your teeth. We can also make them more comfortable with a few implants or provide a complete mouth rehabilitation with a bridge solution that will be fixed and not removable.

  • I have stained teeth can I bleach them?

    Staining of teeth can be due to various reasons.  We will have to determine whether it is inside the tooth or just extrinsic stains.  We will make the determination and suggest the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

    The following are some results of our patients they range from simple whitening process to complex restorations that effectively mask the discolorations

    ( options for stained teeth with whitening, veneers and crowns. Please have a look at the wonderful results )

  • I am missing a front tooth– What are my options? – I am considering fixed replacements that I don’t have to remove.

    There are two main options that are cosmetic and will be functional.  You don’t have to remove anything from your mouth.   You can get replacements that are fixed and cosmetic.   We will prepare a list of advantages and disadvantages for each option and will provide you a solution that will not only address your missing tooth but will also be taking in to consideration several factors such as aesthetics, materials, preservation of  you natural teeth, gum condition, function, longevity, time and cost.  While implants are ideal, fixed bridges are very viable and in some instances may be the only option.  We will give you the comparison when you come in for a consult.

  • Who will be doing all the procedures?

    Dr. Iyer and his team are qualified to perform all phases of dental implants.  Dr. Iyer is a Prosthodontist and is Board Certified in Implant Dentistry.  Dr. Iyer will personally evaluate your condition and provide you with a thorough diagnosis and custom create a plant that will address you concerns and needs.  He will personally place and restore all of your dental implants – Any surgical or prosthetic assistance will be provided by his trusted team

  • My teeth are wearing and I can see them getting shorter and smaller. What can I do and how can I improve them?

    Wear of teeth can be caused by several factors. Bite mal-alignment, stress, hereditary factors, medications and some skeletal types.  We will first assess the cause and intervene to retard the progression of wear.  Once we have established the diagnosis, we can then reconstruct your wear and provide restorations that will make you feel younger with the full contours of teeth that you once had before the wear and protect the remaining tooth structure from further destruction.

    If you would like to see the amazing result of how your teeth could look after our treatment please have a look at the following image click here

  • My bridges and implants are failing – what do I do?

    While bridges and implants have had great success, there are instances where in failures can happen.  Dr. Iyer is a world-renowned expert in managing failures and rehabilitating your mouth with a fresh set of reconstruction.  The failures will be managed with techniques that you don’t have to be without your teeth even for a day.  Most of the revision of the failures can be done in a day.  Additional procedures will be phased in a manner that will not interrupt your work schedule.

  • How long will reconstructive work take? I live far and I cannot take time off my schedule.

    Dr. Iyer has patients who come from around the world.  He is famous for his efficient treatment that minimizes the number of visits to the office.  We are centrally located ( only minutes from Newark airport and stone’s throw from the station and buses from NYC take only about 30 minutes).  We will provide convenient appointments that will not disrupt your routine. Some of the reconstructive work that you need may take up-to a year if you require extensive grafting and so on.   Dr. Iyer will ensure that you will always be smiling during the interim phase while the grafts heal and as the permanent prosthesis are being fabricated.

  • What happens if I have an emergency and need to see the doctor?

    Our plans are such that we over-engineer our treatment so there will be little room for any emergencies. However we recognize that patients have unique reactions and situations that may result in some emergency where-in they have to be seen right away.  Our team is well equipped and trained to handle emergency appointments for our patients who are in treatment.  Our doctors have gone in at midnight to take care of our patients who trust us for their care.  Rest assured, we have coverage to get you comfortable under 24 hours.