Introduction: Same Day Dentures

Same day dentures is a dental procedure that allows you to have functional and usable dentures in a single day. The procedure is known by other names, such as “immediate dentures”, “Immediate Smiles” and “fixed hybrid dentures”. Though it seems unlikely such a procedure exists, modern technology and advances in dental techniques have made it possible.

Who Are the Best Candidates?

The two major groups of best candidates are patients who currently are wearing dentures and people who are at the point of losing all their teeth. While the same day denture procedure can be performed on other patients, it is best to consult with your dentist to determine the best treatment plan for your particular situation.

What Is The Basic Procedure?

The first step is for the patient to meet with a Prosthodontist or other restorative dental specialist to develop a complete plan of treatment. This will likely include taking x-rays, getting an impression of your mouth, taking detailed photographs of your teeth and gums, and other procedures as the dentist may deem necessary.

Once these procedures have been analyzed and reviewed, the patient will then be scheduled to move forward with the same day implant denture process. Implants are placed in specific areas of the jawbone on the upper and/or lower halves of the mouth. There are a total of four implants for each half of the mouth that will act as anchors for the new dentures. The implants are a definitive procedure and in most cases will never require replacement or adjustment. With the implants in place, the new teeth can be connected to the four anchors on the top and bottom parts of the mouth.

Are Follow Up Visits Required?

Yes. Though the patient will have a new set of implants and teeth, the entire same day denture process can take six months or more to become finally fixed. The first concern with the procedure is to ensure that the bone in the jaw fuses with the implants. This can take as little as three months or as long as six months, depending on the patient and a number of other conditions. Once fusion is achieved, the implants are permanent dental fixtures of the patient.

Healing is always a concern for any major dental procedure, and the same day implant bridges and denture are no different. The gums and bone in particular are places that are prone to infection, so your dentist will likely schedule weekly visits over the course of several months to make sure no infection or other healing problem is present. Most patients will feel some soreness in the area of the implants, but generally this does not require any type of prescription pain medication.

The Final Steps

After the implants are fused and the mouth is completely healed, you will be able to get a new set of fixed teeth that will more accurately fit the form of your mouth. A second impression of your mouth will be taken, and any necessary adjustments made to finalize the procedure.

Your new teeth will not need to be removed for cleaning and there will be no adhesives required to keep the dentures in place. Normal dental hygiene is recommended to avoid the possibility of gum infection or other complications.

The same day immediate implant fixed hybrid denture procedure is safe and effective when performed by trained dental professionals. Keep in mind that there is always a team involved with the surgery and aftercare of your dental work. No procedure can be 100 percent guaranteed to last forever, but the same day procedure has been proven to give patients a much higher quality of life as they can return to regular eating and drinking habits.

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