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Our doctors have undergone rigorous training in sedation and are certified by the State of New Jersey

  •  What does sedation dentistry means for our patients?

Sedation dentistry quite simply means that our patients do not feel the dreaded anxiety or the stress they might normally feel either before or during the dental treatment itself. Knowing, that the treatment procedure can be carried out pain free patient can visit us with confidence and without fear.

  • What does sedation dentistry means for us dentists?

For us, sedation dentistry means, that dental treatments are easier to perform. In addition we can work quicker and we can do more during one appointment. This will cut down the number of dental visits. The real winner at the end is our patient.

  • In short

Sedation Dentistry NJ  offered by SmileUSA is the ideal solution for all patients suffering from dental phobia

We have different sedation options and choices for our patients

There are different types of sedation in dentistry. They include inhalation sedation, and intravenous sedation as well as oral sedation. What you must know is that sedation does not mean the same as general anaesthesia, which can only be performed by a fully qualified doctor, a so called anaesthetist, as there are certain risks involved, sending you in a total state of deep sleep. The side effects could last for many hours after the dental surgery.

Sedation dentistry provides help for patients who have very sensitive teeth and finding it difficult to undergo normal dental treatment. Through the use of sedation dentistry we can take away that pain and they now can get the oral health care they deserve without the stress and anxiety.

  • Important Notice of Advice

Even though sedation dentistry provides a welcome benefit to many patients, not all are suited to receive sedation. If you take ANY kind of medication even though you might think that what you take is trivial and may not be harmful in conjunction with receiving dental sedation you MUST tell us before the treatment starts

If you are aware that you have allergic reactions to medication you have to make us aware of that too.

When you schedule your appointment to discuss your sedation treatment options we provide you with complete advice on what you may need to do before and after the treatment.

All of us at SmileUSA wish you a bright and happy Smile.

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