Marian Stevens, East Orange, NJ

Please allow a brief moment to express my gratitude and satisfaction of the more than perfect implants you have restored lo my health, my appearance, and most of all my self esteem. My implant procedure was more than an unbelievable miraculous transition from my original state of dentures. Your perfection and gentleness was so supreme that I had no pain or discomfort throughout the entire procedure. To date, I am constantly approached by friends and strangers who compliment me on my dental appearance. Dr. Iyer I am so proud and satisfied with my implants I now even inform these people that "THEY ARE IMPLANTS." These implants have really elevated my level or self-esteem and I must say I am and will always be so grateful for how my entire life and lifestyle has improved because of the dental implant blessings I have received from you. My gratitude again goes out to you and may you continue in your miraculous work of excellence and may God bless you.