Dear Dr. Shankar Iyer, I had to write to thank you for the excellent care you and your practice has given me. I have always had poor dental health and was very conscious of the metal lines showing in the bridge work that I had and also the front teeth discolouration. You may remember me telling you that I felt like Jaws from the James Bond movie. With all that metal in my mouth, I felt hesitant to smile. I am very happy with the new ceramic bridge work and the excellent veneers that so naturally have camouflaged the discoloured teeth. The veneers have bonded so well that I dont even remember they are there, unless of course I smile, which I do often now, and then they look so good and natural. Also you went about the entire process in such a systematic and efficient manner. Firstly, you did an overall assessment of my dental health and then formulated the treatment plan. Every stage of treatment was on schedule or before schedule. Work was done in a fuss free manner. Thank you for that. My thanks, too, to Dr. Preeti Iyer for attending to me with such grace, when I came in without an appointment for an emergency visit. Dr. Devika Bhola did some work for me exceedingly competently and listened with empathy to the outpouring of my fears and previous experiences with dental work. She is the one who motivated me to go through with the treatment plan and I have to thank her for both, her professionalism and humane attitude. Reena worked diligently in her quiet way. Your assistants Lisa and Barbara complemented your high standards of care very effectively. Your support staff, Elaine, the hygienist, Elisa Michelle and Blaine of Jersey Smiles disarmed me with their friendly demeanour. My sole visit to the Elizabeth practice was equally satisfying. I actually looked forward to visiting a dentist. Can you believe it Dr. Iyer? I am smiling while writing this letter. Best wishes and warm regards.