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Message from the Director / Dr. Shankar Iyer.,DDS MDS

We invite you to participate in the first of its kind educational program in Asia that specifically focusses on Maxillofacial Prosthodontics. While this super specialty area of dentistry is mainly popular in the western world, there is no formal training that is offered in any University setting or in an hospital setting as a continuum.

We bring you a unique combination of world class didactics and clinical experience for a comprehensive exposure to the world of Maxillofacial prosthodontics. The faculty are all US trained specialists who have made the program conducive to be replicated and affordable for the Asian setting. US trained Anaplastologists and oncology surgeons feature in this fellowship program to offer the finest hands on course available only in limited places around the world. Live patient clinicals along with laboratory exercises will be carried out to make you competent to treat main-stream cases in your practice.

A lifetime mentorship program will be initiated with the faculty who will guide you through the complex process of treatment planning with an interdisciplinary approach with the oncosurgeon, ENT and Oral surgeons. WE look forward to working with you on this humanitarian endeavor to put smiles and function back to the esthetically challenged patients.


Fellowship in Maxillofacial Prosthodontics

The Indian subcontinent has an alarmingly high prevalence of oral and oro-pharyngeal cancer. While specialists in the medical and dental fraternity have the skills required to eliminate these cancers, not much attention is paid to the rehabilitation of the oral and oro-pharyngeal cancer survivor. In spite of elimination of the malignancy via a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, the cancer survivor has an extremely poor quality of life. Difficulties for cancer survivors include chronic pain, phonation, deglutition, mastication and access to care. Furthermore, the non-rehabilitated cancer survivor has a difficult time being reintegrated back into society due to the lack of understanding of the burdens of cancer treatment among the general population.

While the prevalence of facial cancers is relatively low in India, encountering a patient in need of facial prosthetic reconstruction is not uncommon, especially for those practitioners associated with hospitals and educational institutions. The time and expense related to the fabrication of the prosthesis and the lack of trained specialists remain huge barriers to successful rehabilitation of facial cancer survivors. These patients are frequently removed from society due to their obvious facial deformity, and hence are forced to live in isolation.

Course Objectives

1. To understand challenges faced by maxillofacial cancer survivors

2. Providing oral decontamination care prior to cancer therapy

3. Fabrication of radiation stents prior to ablative radiotherapy

4. Management of trismus

5. Fabrication of various types of maxillary obturators at various stages of resective treatment.

6. Fabrication of various types of mandibular resection prosthesis

7. Use of implants in maxillofacial prosthesis

8. Application of digital technology in the fabrication of maxillofacial prosthetics.

9. Fabrication of custom auricular, nasal and orbital prosthesis with silicone

10. Hands on exposure to fabrication of obturators, resection prosthesis and facial prosthesis.

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Course outline

Didactics & Clinical Session

Day 1 - 26th June Didactics
Oral Oncology (didactics), Cancer burdens, Epidemiology, Common intra oral neoplasms, Prognosis, Patient & family education, Oral Decontamination prior to cancer therapy, Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery - an overview, Managing the radiation oncology patient - Radiation stents and post-radiation management – ORN, Managing the medical oncology patient – BRONJ, Trismus & mouth opening exercises

Day 2 -27th June Didactics
Introduction and need for Maxillofacial prosthetics. Restoration of hard palate Defects Immediate surgical obturators, Restoration of partially edentulous patients, Partial denture design principals, Restoration of edentulous patients, Rehabilitation of maxillary defects using osseous free flaps, Use of implants to restore maxillary defects

Day 3 - 28th June Clinical Session
Fabrication of surgical obturator - demo, Fabrication of interim obturator – preliminary impression and defect tracing, Preliminary and master impression for resection prosthesis

Didactics, Demo & Handson

Day 1 - September 4th Didactics
Speech, Velopharyngeal function, and restoration of Soft palate defects Speech And velopharyngeal Function, Prosthetic rehabilitation of soft palate defects, Use of implants to retain soft palate obturator prostheses, Palatal speech aids Restoration of Tongue- Mandible Defects Partially edentulous patients, Edentulous patients, Use of implants in the rehabilitation of tongue -mandible defects, Use of digital technology in the rehabilitation of mandibular defects

Day 2 - September 5th Demo
Interim obturator - Conversion of soft liner to hard acrylic in interim obturator, Interim obturator – Jaw relation records and wax trial, Resection Prosthesis – Jaw relation records and wax trial

Day 3 - September 6th Hands on
Interim obturator – Delivery of interim obturator with teeth, Resection prosthesis – Delivery, Hands on for students on preliminary impression, defect tracing, jaw relation records and wax trial and radiation stents.

Didactics, Demo & Hands on

Day 1 - 3rd December Didactics
Restoration of Facial defects Ocular Defects, Basic principles of facial prosthetics, Auricular defects, Orbital defects, Nasal Defects, Large midfacial defects, Use of dental implants to retain facial prosthesis. Use of digital technology in Maxillofacial prosthetics

Day 2 - 4th December Demo and Hands on
Demo by Anaplastologist on impression making & cast fabrication (to save time some of this can be done before hand and kept ready such as impression & wax up). Understanding colour, mixing colours, packing the mould. Hands on wax up for students on any one type of facial prosthetic supervised by faculty

Day 3 - 5th December Demo and Hands on
Delivery of prosthesis, use of adhesives, care and maintenance. Students hands on for colour mixing & packing moulds

Day 1 - Delivery of prosthesis by each student
Day 2 & 3 – Speech pathologist, H&N surgeon, affiliated specialities, Graduation
Convocation : 6th December, 2020

International Maxillofacial Prosthodontists, Anaplastologist & Maxillofacial Surgeons will provide hands on and demos during the course.

Course Faculty

Dr. Shankar Iyer

Past president AAID, USA

Course director AAID MaxiCourse Asia.
Clinical assistant professor - Rutgers University.

Dr. PC Jacob

BDS, MDS, India

Country Representative to the European Prosthodontic Association.

Dr. Varun Acharya


Dr. Varun Acharya is a Maxillofacial and American Board certified prosthodontist

Ms. Suzanne Verma


Prosthetist & Anaplastologist

Dr. Anjan Shah


Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon

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