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Practical Implant Education

AAID MaxiCourse

About the MaxiCourse

MaxiCourse is the most advanced course in implant dentistry. We promise to deliver the finest that there is in dental implant training!

The course is divided into five modules with each module spread over six days.

Every module has hands on exercises and or live demonstrations and surgical participation. A detailed curriculum is listed under the course overview tab.

Program includes placement of 5 Implants with all surgical, prosthetic components and materials included.

The course was developed keeping in mind the needs of the learner. The curriculum is case and evidence based.

The course is not system or product based. During the course several implant systems are taught. The participants will be familiar with most of the popular systems in the world and will be able to restore with ease almost any implant.

The faculty who teach at the course are pioneers and educators. They are experts in the subject matter that they have been chosen to cover. They are eager to share their wealth of information and have offered to mentor the participants and are available to help with their cases.

The impressive list of alumni who are listed stand testimony to the quality of the education and the unbiased approach to learning. Many of our participants have become leaders and heads of departments. Several deans have graduated from our program and have implemented departments of implant dentistry in their institutions. Our participants have hailed even from the U.S. and U.K.

Once you register with us in this journey, we will ensure you that you will have a partner in education that you can count on for the rest of your career. Over the past 14 years we have managed to maintain our camaraderie with our alumni. They continue to reap the benefits of the mentorship and have the assurance that they can at anytime return to the program for updates and reach out for assistance with cases.

About AAID

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry is the oldest implant organization in the world.
Its mission is to advance the science of implant dentistry through education and research for the benefit of mankind.

To further the cause of education, the AAID created the Maxicourse® which is a rigorous 300 hour curriculum covering the entire spectrum ranging from basic science to advanced implant concepts.