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TMD / TMJ Orofacial Pain and Dental Sleep Medicine

Fellowship IN TMJ / TMD / OFP / Sleep Medicine

This program is a Mini Residency leading to a Fellowship.

Surgical treatment of OSA: surgical Tx has gained considerable momentum in recent years. Procedures such as UPPP (uvulo plato pharyngopalsty) , tongue ablation, tonsillectomies, plasty of individual tissues etc have been tried. Generally, these ( especially UPPP) have been accompanied by very painful recovery. Surgery has the inherent risk of rendering the patient not a probable candidate for CPAP. Surgical Tx is the last resort unless otherwise indicated.

Relation between OSA and Prosthodontics: OSA and Sleep Bruxism ( SB) are associated. There has been tremendous interest in the past few decades to study the effects of SB on teeth, supporting structures, implantsand prostheses. More and more evidence are emerging on the deleterious effects of OSA/SB on prostheses and implants.

Technology: There has been a recent explosion of “tech” gadgets in the TMJ/TMD/ OROFACIAL PAIN field. Most of the newer such tech gadgets are neither evidence( science) based or evidence based. They have this “in my hand’s approach. There have been consensus statements from the ADA/FDA mostly against these unnecessary and unproven diagnostic methods. These include jaw “trackers”, TMJ “scans”, Jaw analysers etc. Unfortunately these tech gadgets do not substitute for the lack of actual clinical acumen of their users.

* Fellowship requirements are as below:

  • Completion of 150 hours of lecture and clinical training.
  • Successful completion on Written & Oral Exam.
  • Submission of a Dissertation.
  • The fellowship denotes that a candidate will be able to demonstrate competency in the diagnosis & comprehensive treatment planning of patients who present with Signs and Symptoms of TMD & Sleep Apnea disorders.