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Practical Implant Education

AAID MaxiCourse, INDIA

19th Batch starts - January 25, 2023

Course curriculum

Module I: Diagnosis,Treatment planning

  • Scope and evolution of implant dentistry
  • Future directions in implant dentistry
  • Basic principles of diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Threaded root forms- Live surgical demonstration
  • Introduction to case based learning
  • Case studies that demonstrate the growing relevance of implantology
  • Beginning with the end in mind – prosthetically driven implant dentistry
  • Biomaterials and biomechanics
  • Clinical Examination of the implant patient
  • Evaluation of the medically compromised patient
  • How to choose an implant system
  • Fundamentals of Radiology. Case Presentation and Documentation.
  • Clinical session I – patient exam, diagnostic records, surgical smile fabrication, pre-surgical planning.

Module II: Basic Implantology and Advance Treatment Planning

  • Bone biology, basic Implantology and pharmacology
  • Imaging and advanced treatment planning
  • Introduction to immunology and wound healing
  • Pharmacology : review of basic pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
  • Review of current implant systems
  • Diagnostic radiographs: periapicals, CT Scans, tomograms
  • Presurgical prosthetic planning : diagnostic casts, mounting, wax-ups
  • Developing treatment plans
  • Applied anatomy in implant dentistry-simulation and lecture
  • Principles of Asepsis
  • Suturing Techniques
  • Clinical session II – placement of implants

Module III: Surgical Implantology

  • Surgical implantology
  • Surgical principles: basic and advanced implant surgeries
  • Threaded/Fin/Press Fit root forms : Live surgical demonstration
  • Sedation and local anaesthesia in Implantology
  • Treatment area and patient sterilisation protocols
  • Fundamentals of bone enhancement, expansion of alveolar ridges, sinus augmentation
  • Delegate hands on workshop : Root form and plate / blade implants
  • Bone enhancement : expansion of alveolar ridges : Live surgical demonstration
  • Immediate impression techniques, Immediate load / function procedures etc
  • Clinical session III – advanced surgical implantology- placement of cases with grafts and expansion

Module IV: Advance Implant Prosthodontics

  • Advanced implant prosthodontics
  • Occlusion and occlusal principles in implantology
  • Biomaterials, biomechanics, advanced research and retrieval analyses
  • Prosthodontic components : standard and custom
  • Prosthodontic Protocols : presurgical, provisional and definitive
  • Prosthodontic protocols: immediate function
  • Simplified clinical protocols : alternative components and armamentarium
  • Threaded root forms : Live demonstration of prosthesis insertion
  • Laboratory procedures for advanced implant prosthodontics
  • Configuring periodontal-prosthodontic relationships to enhance prognosis
  • Periodontal procedures to improve esthetic results
  • Reversible and Irreversible complications: recognition and treatment
  • Strategies to develop predictable prosthetic outcomes
  • Computerized Navigation in Surgical Implantology
  • Advanced CT applications including interactive T treatment planning
  • Clinical session IV – prosthetic clinical session stage II impression techniques.

Module V: Advance Implant Prosthodontics

  • Advanced implant considerations
  • State of the art – interdisciplinary approach to implant dentistry
  • Utilisation of lasers in implant dentistry
  • Computerised navigation in surgical implantology
  • Current advances in implant dentistry
  • Failures and complications in implant dentistry
  • Advanced implantology : immediate loading principles and techniques
  • Advanced Restorative and esthetic strategies in implant dentistry
  • Long term validation of principles and techniques : predictable implant sequencing
  • Photographic documentation and Powerpoint® presentations
  • How to analyse literature for evidence based implant dentistry
  • Postoperative reviews of root form cases
  • Comprehensive review
  • Preparation for the AAID Associate Fellow examination
  • Clinical session V- insertion of prosthesis

Hands-on sessions

  • Utilization and familiarity of a minimum of 4 recognized implant systems
  • Bone manipulation in animal jaws
  • Suturing techniques
  • Capsule clinics with face-bow transfers, jaw relation records, Semi-adjustable articulators, designing overdentures, cement and screw retained restorations
  • Provisional fabrication and impression techniques