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TMD / TMJ Orofacial Pain and Dental Sleep Medicine

About the course

This course will help dentists understand the basics of Sleep medicine and philosophies of treatment of Sleep Disorders. We hope that at the end of the course the dentist would have an in-depth knowledge into the basics of sleep medicine, dental sleep medicine and a good understanding of when and how such a treatment modality could be incorporated into Dental Practice.

This course is meant to describe the basics of OFP/ TMJ/ TMD and give the principles of evidence based Diagnosis and Treatment plan for these conditions. At the end of the four packed modules, the participants should have a broad understanding on the principles of diagnosing and treatment planning of different Orofacial Pain conditions and also obstructive sleep Apnea. Throughout this course we have done our level best to avoid ANY commercial interests, so participants can focus on gaining solid knowledge as opposed to getting “sucked” into commercial bias.

Dr. Davis Thomas, USA

TMD is an area of dentistry that is often confused with full mouth rehabilitation, neuro-muscular dentistry, bio-functional concepts utilizing gadgets and devices that have minimal role in the science of creating harmony in the stomatognathic system. This is an evidence based program that explores the myths and provides for a systematic approach to managing TMD, Sleep Apnea and management of the worn dentition.

Dr. Shankar Iyer, DDS MDS, USA

We invite you to participate in the Masters clinical series presented by Smile USA®. The faculty has been selected based on their proficiency in multi-disciplinary approach. Learn from their vast experience & expertise.

Dr. Davis Thomas is an expert in his field and he will not hold back information. Instead his main goal is to make sure you get what you deserve with unbiased, fair, non-commercial, sound knowledge upon which you will build your career dreams in TMD & sleep medicine."

We are confident that you will graduate as an astute practitioner who will rely upon the diagnosis of complex oro-facial conditions and develop custom treatment plans that will benefit your patients instead of providing arbitrary relief with splints and stimulations.


Orofacial Pain (OFP) has already been recognized as a sub-specialty of Dentistry in several countries such as Canada & Brazil. The complex nature of OFP conditions and the cross over to other branches of dentistry as well as Medicine make the diagnosis and treatment of OFP conditions often cumbersome and difficult. The lack of coordination and consensus amongst different organizations concerned with the management of these patients also make this a complex issue.

This field of Dentistry/ medicine is many a times corrupted by industry supported courses which are primarily intended to “push” a product. Many of these so called tools and gadgets have no independent evidence based science and are not supported by independent, peer-reviewed research the science of Sleep Medicine and treatment of sleep disorders have been going through explosive advances in the past two decades. The significant morbidity and mortality associated with Sleep disorders is well documented in the literature. There is a growing interest among the dental professionals to learn how to treat patients with sleep disordered breathing with oral appliances.

TMJ conditions form only a portion of OFP diagnoses.


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4/1/2022 to 3/31/2025
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