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Mini Residency Sri Lanka

Why this course

  • 1. Not a product oriented rogramme - but highly linically riented Academic course.
  • 2. Pave the path in obtaining a higher academic qualification from USA.
  • 3. Best of the theachers in the world from USA, UK, Canada, France and India
  • 4. Earn 150 ( or 300 in case of Maxi course CDE hous)
  • 5. Most reputed implant course in the world.
  • 6. End of the course you will be compitent in Diagnosis, assessment, surgical placement of implants, impression techniques and cementation of final restoration and managing compications.
  • 7. Low cost compared to similar courses run in other countries
  • 8. Easy payment terms
  • 9. Option of upgrading to MaxiCourse leading to the Fellowship of AAID (USA)

Course Delivery

Lectures, Discussions, Live surgery, Demonstrations, Vedios, handouts, CDs containing powerpoint presentations and hands on:

  • Skills - I (On models) : Placement of implants, Bone splitting procedures, Bone expansion, Suturing techniques, impression techniques etc.
  • Skills - II (On patients): Placement of implants; minimum of 2 implants on patients and assisting several other cases under one to one supervision.
  • Skills - III (On patients) : Exposing the implant Healing abutment, Impression taking (open tray or close tray technique), Impression transfer and casting of the models, cementation of the crown/bridge
  • Soft Skills : Talking to patients and negotiating, Practice management, painless surgery.



150 CDE Hours

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