Smile USA

Mini Residency Course

Course Advantages

  • Over 150 hours of comprehensive lectures, live surgeries, demonstrations and hands-on sessions.
  • Clinical session conducted in Utama Dental Surgery, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Hands-on patient treatment under direct supervision. (Bring your own patients).
  • In depth review of surgical and prosthetic protocols
  • Non-commercial, non-sponsored course covering a wide spectrum of implant types and systems
  • Certificate of completion with AGD/CDE credits

Clinical Session & Hands-on

  • Patient implant surgeries
  • Competency in utilizing a minimum of 4 recognized implant systems.
  • Bone manipulation in animal jaws
  • Bone grafting procedures
  • Suturing techniques
  • Capsule clinics with face-bow transfers, jaw relation records
  • Designing over dentures, cement and screw retained restorations
  • Provisional fabrication and impression techniques