Smile USA

Mini Residency Course

Module I (7th to 11th July, 2020)

1. Science behind Dental Implants History, materials, biomechanics, osseo intergration and wound healing
2. Different Implant systems
3. Pre Surgical Prosthetic Planning: Di- agnosing implant candidates and work-up sequence Study casts, X-rays and CBCT scans, Evalu- ation of available bone, Surgical stents, Diagnostic wax ups, Trial prostheses and evaluation of final outcome
4. Hands on work during and demos 1st Module prior to patient handling.
Suturing techniques, Bone Splitting Live surgery - placement of Implants, Surgical placement on training models, Bone Expansion Technique.

Module II (13th to 17th October, 2020)

Mechanics of osteotomy preparations, Choosing appropriate drilling systems, Know your handpiece basics, Knowledge of asepsis v/s sterility, Preparation of the patient and surgical placement of Implants, Implant handling and transfers, Surgical manipula-tion of available bone, Working with stents and establishing prosthetic predictability, Pre, intra and post operative medication, Post operative care.
Placement of Implants on Patients by participants themselves.

Module III (February, 2021)

1. Interim Restorative Phase Immediate v/s delayed loading of cases, Submerged v/s one stage surgeries, Inter-im Prosthesis Transitional implants, Stage II surgical protocol
2. Definitive Restorative Phase Provisional prosthesis and template for the final restoration, Impression tech-niques, registration of occlusion, creating appropriate occlusal schemes, writing ap-propriate lab prescriptions, metal trial, implates from provisionals, Presentations to patients and peers, negotiating and establishing competitive charging fees for implant cases
Managing complications and emergencies in Implant dentistry You will complete the final restoration on implants that you placed on patients during the 2nd module. You will take im-pression using open or close techniques and cement the final crown.