Smile USA

Mini Residency Course

Course Testimonials

“I joined the course to get one-on-one exposure so that I can plan each case with strong restorative options. Dr. Iyer is approachable & is available to guide when there is a problem”
Michael Leizerovitz, California

“We learned in-depth about implant systems in an unbiased manner. This non-commercial course is comprehensive and there was no pressure to purchase anything”
SwagathaChawa, New Jersey

“This Mini Residency is a must for anyone contemplating placing dental implants. Whether you have never placed an implant, are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, there is plenty of both didactic material and hands on experience. Dr. Iyer guides you through the surgical procedure. No worrying about doing it alone! You can bring in your patient, just like in dental school! This course is an eye opener!”
Edgar Alb, Woodbridge NJ

“Dr. Iyer's course is the best organized dental program I have ever taken. He has excellent surgical skills, I've learned a lot! Doctors are always welcome, years later, to bring patients in for treatment in his ultra modern office. You don't get this sort of follow up at the university implant programs.”
Steven Johnson, NY