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Fellowship in Maxillofacial Prosthodontics

Course curriculum

Module 1 - August, 2023

  • Understand the basics of oral oncology and the fabrication of maxillofacial prosthetic devies
  • Understand the role played by the head & neck surgeon
  • Live demo of MFP procedures for obturator and resection prostheses on patients
  • Learn application and fabrication of radiation stents

Day 1

  • Oral Oncology (didactics), Cancer burdens, Epidemiology, Common intra oral neoplasms, Prognosis, Patient & family education, Oral Decontamination prior to cancer therapy, Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery - an overview, Managing the radiation oncology patient - Radiation stents and post-radiation management - ORN, Managing the medical oncology patient - BRONJ, Trismus & mouth opening exercises.

Day 2

  • Introduction and need for Maxillofacial prosthetics. Restoration of hard palate Defects. Immediate surgical obturators, Restoration of partially edentulous patients, Partial denture design principals, Restoration of edentulous patients, Rehabilitation of maxillary defects using osseous free flaps, Use of implants to restore maxillary defects.

Day 3

  • Fabrication of surgical obturator - demo, Fabrication of interim obturator - preliminary impression and defect tracing, Preliminary and master impression for resection prosthesis.

Module 2

  • Understand speech, soft palate defects and tongue-mandible defects
  • How to plan and restore implants in oral cancer survivors
  • Cast partial frameworks and altered cast techniques
  • Hands on live patients for participants on obturator and/or resection prostheses
  • Delivery of prosthesis by participants

Day 1

  • Speech, Velopharyngeal function, and restoration of Soft palate defects Speech And velopharyngeal Function, Prosthetic rehabilitation of soft palate defects, Use of implants to retain soft palate obturator prostheses, Palatal speech aids Restoration of Tongue- Mandible Defects Partially edentulous patients, Edentulous patients, Use of implants in the rehabilitation of tongue -mandible defects, Use of digital technology in the rehabilitation of mandibular defects

Day 2

  • Interim obturator - Conversion of soft liner to hard acrylic in interim obturator, Interim obturator - Jaw relation records and wax trial, Resection Prosthesis - Jaw relation records and wax trial

Day 3

  • Interim obturator - Delivery of interim obturator with teeth, Resection prosthesis - Delivery, Hands on for students on preliminary impression, defect tracing, jaw relation records and wax trial and radiation stents.

Module 3

  • Anaplastology basics
  • Understand texture, shape, color, materials used, impression techniques, wax trial and fabrication of auricular, nasal and ocular prostheses
  • Hands on models for auricular prosthesis including wax up, try in on a patient, silicone packing, coloring etc.

Day 1

  • Restoration of Facial defects Ocular Defects, Basic principles of facial prosthetics, Auricular defects, Orbital defects, Nasal Defects, Large midfacial defects, Use of dental implants to retain facial prosthesis. Use of digital technology in Maxillofacial prosthetics.

Day 2

  • Demo by Anaplastologist on impression making & cast fabrication (to save time some of this can be done before hand and kept ready such as impression & wax up). Understanding color, mixing colors, packing the mold. Hands on wax up for students on any one type of facial prosthetic supervised by faculty

Day 3

  • Delivery of prosthesis, use of adhesives, care and maintenance. Students hands on for color mixing & packing molds

Module 4

  • Understanding digital workflow integration
  • Understand free flap fibula surgery and recostruction
  • Miscellaneous silicone prosthesis
  • Final exam and graduation ceremony dinner

Day 1

  • Delivery of prosthesis by each student

Day 2 & 3

  • Speech pathologist, H&N surgeon, affiliated specialties, Graduation

International Maxillofacial Prosthodontists, Anaplastologist & Maxillofacial Surgeons will provide hands on and demos during the course.




150 International CE Hours

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